Search and Rescue Systems

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ICE PACK™'s Search and Rescue [SAR] Systems are designed as pre-positionable Search and Rescue equipment for urban and rural personnel. These are dedicated packages that are pre-loaded per the organization's load out requirement to save precious response time when minutes or hours mean lives. Whether public safety, government or non-government organization, CERT or military, ICE PACK's SAR Systems are always on standby. No matter the mission duration, our full featured systems can get teams on the ground fast, and sustain them until the logistics tail catches up to the operation. ICE PACK developers are focused on building rugged, comfortable and full featured first responder solutions for urban and rural disaster response applications. If you have a specific first responder requirement or need to configure and package a system for a particular environment please contact us. We look forward to learning how we can assist you and/or your organization.

ICE PACK's Search and Rescue Systems are set to launch Fall 2010.