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ICE PACK Donates 1000 Hot Meals to the Red Cross

Recently we were presented with an opportunity to donate 1000 hot meals to the Central Virginia Chapter of the American Red Cross.  With this donation, our local Red Cross chapter now has the capability of immediately distributing a comforting hot meal to a thousand of our own community citizens who find themselves the victims of a house fire, flood damage and extreme weather events – such as the area tornadoes last year and the crippling “snowmageddon” 2 years back.  And we certainly can’t forget earthquakes since we are still feeling the aftershocks of our late summer quake here in Central Virginia.

The meals are completely self-contained, freeze-dried, packaged with the necessary water to prepare the meals, come with flameless ovens to heat them, and even provide utensils and plates. Everything needed to enjoy a nice hot meal during difficult circumstances in one bright, yellow container. “As we witness the recovery efforts of the recent outbreak of over 150 tornadoes across this country, you see the Red Cross right in the thick of that effort providing invaluable assistance to those poor disaster victims,” says Morris Peterson, CEO of Ashbury International Group, parent company of ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems. “What many may not realize, is that very same level of assistance is given to our own community members every single day.  With this donation we provide additional capability to our own Red Cross chapter to support  those local efforts.”

The Red Cross will store these emergency meals in the local Charlottesville area, ready at any given point to distribute to the community when necessary.

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