Vulnerable Populations During Disasters


Please keep in mind that there are segments of our society that are extremely vulnerable during disasters. Natural, man-made and war/terrorism related disasters affect nearly everyone and everything proximity to the event. Depending on the severity of the disaster affects can extend hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

When you are making your family and workplace disaster plans and provisioning, keep in mind that others within your community may have special needs.  Please find below some specialized emergency preparedness and disaster response guides and instructional videos for these segments of our society that are at a higher level of risk during disasters.

Consider your neighbor’s, co-workers and any associates you have with special needs. Please also check with your local government and faith based organizations about disaster planning for the homeless perhaps the most disaffected segment of our modern society…

Instructional Video and Planning Guides

  1. Americans with Disabilities and Special Needs
  2. Disaster Planning for Older Americans
  3. Protect Vulnerable Older Adults
  4. Pets
  5. Disaster Planning for Livestock
  6. Disaster Planning for the Homeless



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