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Freedom Is Not Free

On this memorial day it is our moral obligation as Americans to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice made by the many courageous Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, intelligence, law enforcement and public safety personnel to protect the very life, liberty and freedom we enjoy each day in our great nation. Freedom is not free, as its paid for by those willing, ready and that have laid down their lives to protect the United States of America.

We also recognize and extend our sincerest heartfelt appreciation to the families of these courageous warfigthers and public servants that perished, and the sacrifices they made and continue to make in support of their loved one’s service to America. God bless the defenders and warfighters of our great nation, and God bless America.

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Emergency and Disaster Planning – PACE Yourself!

First, do not interpret the title literally! Societally, we are woefully behind as individuals, families, business owners, corporate executives and local government officials (and many would say federal) in developing real world “what-if” emergency and disaster response plans. Today, previously thought “what if” emergencies are readily becoming all too real and it’s sad to say not many are ready, not even some of the largest companies in the world. This fact can be best highlighted by the massive Deep Water Horizon oil spill, a true man-made environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Preparedness Week is an excellent opportunity to introduce our readers to P.A.C.E. P.A.C.E. is an acronym for Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency planning. If you’ve read anything on the subject of planning, whether it’s from the military perspective or the latest popular business management book, the ultimate objectives are the same in terms of developing a sound plan that is:

  1. Simple to understand
  2. Realistic and implementable
  3. Properly resourced and provisioned
  4. Read, understood, comprehended and practiced by all involved
  5. Flexible

Developing emergency preparedness and disaster response plans that have depth provide a greater range of options for successfully coping with a disaster, period…Keep in mind that disasters are terribly difficult on everyone and especially harsh for elderly, physically disabled, hearing and sight impaired, pet and live stock populations.

Depending on your perspective, emergencies can quickly become disasters where the positive outcome may well come down to how well you’ve planned. The stark reality of disasters forces those who are of a resilient mindset to accept Murphy’s Law, “if it can go wrong, it will” and it’s critically important to get out in front of the situation before it overtakes you. Of course there are sage experienced professionals that have cautioned me that O’Malley’s Law states that Murphy’s Law was overly optimist! Once you’ve made your plans, understand that they must evolve and be updated. An interesting yet true saying worth passing on is that “No Plan Ever Survives First Contact…”. Emergencies and disasters have a very bad, but consistent habit of getting worse before they get better.

There is no better time than the present to either sit down create and or update your emergency preparedness and disaster response plans. The Resources Section of our website is a good starting point, but please remember to P.A.C.E. yourself!

Facta non verba…

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ICE Now a Reality!

After countless hours of hard work by staff members, emergency preparedness and disaster response specialists, consultants and supporters over the past two years we proudly introduce our ICE website! Our company’s vision of developing a brand focused solely on sustaining and saving the lives of people impacted by natural, man-made and war/terrorism related disasters, has today been realized with the launch of our website.

It is our goal to provide you, the general public, business and corporate communities, with vital resources, information and training that can help bring about a positive outcome in the event you are ever faced with a disaster situation. This we are convinced can be accomplished by emphasizing personal, business, corporate and local government resiliency in matters concerning emergency preparedness and disaster response. As we’ve blogged recently, “a new mindset is required” and at ICE PACK™ we are definitely committed to making a difference!

In the coming weeks we’ll launch our eStore that features systems solutions and equipment designed specifically for coping with, and responding to emergency and disaster situations. We are going to be active bloggers covering a wide range of emergency preparedness and disaster response topic areas and hope that you have the opportunity to visit our website often. We will be hosting interesting guest blogger’s from various segments of the community to include; emergency management, law enforcement, insurance, legal, medical, search and rescue and more! On the ICE PACK™ blog and website we’ll present a diverse range of ideas, strategies, techniques and technologies to advance our collective level of preparedness here in the United States and in nations around the world. We hope you enjoy your visit to our new website and trust that you take away something of benefit to you personally and/or professionally.

Facta non verba…

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