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Welcome to the Ashbury Emergency Preparedness Division’s initial post to the World Wide Web blogosphere. The goal of our blog and social media initiatives is to educate, inform and act as a global organizational resource in the areas of emergency preparedness and disaster response. In the post-Katrina and 9/11 era the US Government’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has actively promoted the “Are You Ready?” and disaster preparedness awareness campaigns to Americans both at home and in the workplace. This program promotes an important self-reliance initiative for American citizens, businesses, corporations, industries and government itself, when faced with natural, made-made/technological and terrorism/war related disasters.

If we actually stop and think about our daily lives here in the USA and what really makes up our society’s infrastructure, it is interesting to note that few if any civil services are directly controlled by our nation’s government. Yet during a disaster it is the “government” to whom many look to be rescued here in the United States and around the world. Arguably we as a society (both public and private sectors) must bear some responsibility for resiliency for a period of time immediately after a disaster until social and civil services can be restored. Recent record breaking Mid-Atlantic snowfalls and tragedies in both Haiti, and Portugal’s Madeira Island, only underscore our on-going need to be prepared here in the United States. We must at all costs avoid the “it will never happen here” mindset.

Consider if you will the conveniences we take for granted. Our utilities –electricity, natural gas, telephone; banking/finance, hospitals/emergency rooms, water and sewage treatment, fuel/gasoline, the Internet and many other areas — are part of what is known as “critical infrastructure”. In order for the populace to function all public, private and corporate activities must be resilient. It is our company’s mission to act as a resource for sustainment, not just survival. Resiliency and sustainability can be achieved thru effective disaster planning, preparedness, mitigation and training. This is essential as the eventuality of emergencies and disasters adversely impacting our day to day lives has not diminished as we move further into the 21st century.

Ashbury’s ICE PACK™ brand is designed and developed to provide “turn-key” emergency preparedness and disaster response systems solutions for businesses, corporations, industry, government activities, families and individuals. We look forward to introducing you and your organization to the ICE PACK™ brand in upcoming blog posts!

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1 Regi Cruz { 03.26.10 at 4:29 am }

Manila, Philippines. We had a 6.2 earthquake yesterday at 1329H. The magnitude in the area where I was in was around 4.0 which made the lights were sway during the quake. No damage or injuries have been reported but it was one wake up call for all! Make sure your structures are inspected for structural integrity. Strap all book cases and cabinets. Double the fastenings and cables for your picture frames. If it will fall – it will, during an earthquake. Make sure it’s secure! After an earthquake don’t move – just yet. Make sure there’s no fire, no dangling wire, no gas, no glass. Keep Safe!

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